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Top Ten in Charlotte

Charlotte - The city that surprised me!

Okay, so I really didn't know much going to Charlotte, I had been there once for a Billy Joel concert (LOVE HIM), but that was just for the evening and we didn't get to explore at all. Going here for a week, I was expecting to be bored or to not be able to do a lot. — I was wrong!

Charlotte is a great city! It was especially neat to stay downtown so I never got in a vehicle all week! I was able to walk everywhere! I haven’t done any top ten lists yet, so here goes…

Top ten favorite things I found in Charlotte.

10. Courtyard City Center Hotel

They have some serious hospitality at this hotel! Every employee I ran into, asked me how my stay was, if they could help me in any way, none of them acted like I was a bother! They were wonderful. My only complaint was - no free coffee.

9. Roosters Wood Fired Kitchen

This rustic, artsy, little restaurant is just what you are looking for, if you like unique flavors, farm fresh ingredients, and a very upscale hipster feel! We had a lot of fun trying the meats and cheeses, and enjoyed our main course as well!

8. Little Sugar Creek Greenway

I was walking back to the hotel from target and I stumbled upon this magical park, right outside of downtown! It was lush and green, had a long trail next to a creek! I love how among the buildings and restaurants and busy streets, you can still be a part of nature and get some exercise on this awesome trail!

7. Public eating areas

As I walked through downtown, every few blocks or so, there are areas full of tables and benches. These are awesome places to take your lunch, to have a coffee, or even a work meeting! I defiantly took advantage of people watching at these areas, with my coffee before any shops or museums would open! I love the community feel. All different people with different jobs wanting to be outside and enjoy the sunshine together! Love it!

6. Malabar

Um. YUM. This Spanish tapas style restaurant was delicious! We went for lunch with a group. We all shared some tapas and then Ben and I shared a lunch meal. It was so much food! So much food for not a ton of money! For downtown Charlotte, it was prob the best value we got! Go to Malabar, do the tapas, and enjoy!

5. The Mint Art Museum

Being an artist, I enjoy art museums a lot, but I’m also a critic! This art museum is not free, but if you pay to do all of the exhibits, its quite a lot to look at! We enjoyed the museum as a whole but out favorite part was the “Craft and Design” area. I haven't been to many museums that have work like this organized in the way they do. They have, glass section, wood working, jewelry, ceramics, furniture, and much more. This really captured our interest as we thought about these pieces and learned about the artists, most of whom are still living! It is defiantly worth a look!

4. Modern Salon and Spa

I desperately needed a hair cut! I looked at a buch of places, read reviews and checked out pricing and decided on Modern Salon and Spa. They did a wonderful job, clean and pleasant atmosphere and treated me wonderfully! I had a great experience and would recommend them if your in town and need a hair cut! Great price too!

3. The Green

The Green is a tiny park in the city, across from the Modern art museum and it has a book theme. There are bright and colorful signs everywhere about different authors and kids playing all around! This little gem is so cute and a great place to walk through and its nice a shady on a hot day!

2. Ivy and Leo

I have been everywhere, looking for some new dresses. I need dresses that I can shoot a wedding in, wear out to dinner, wear shopping, basically I was looking for some pretty versatile dresses, that also didn't make me look like I was 15 or 80, which is apparently pretty impossible. Well, Ivy and Leo, helped me out! I found four cute, simple, appropriate dresses, for a reasonable price! The staff is incredible! I couldn't say anything negative about the place!

1. Mert’s Heart and Soul ​Okay y’all, this place, so so so yummy! I don't typically go for soul food or southern food because its just not healthy. We walked and walked trying to find a place to satisfy a group and my hair dresser from Modern Salon told me about Mert’s, we stumbled upon it and decided to go for it! This taught me to always try new things even if they come with a label that I think I already know. The food was so good, so homemade, and the service was warm and enthusiastic. This is a fun place, great prices and anyone can go there! Please, if you're in Charlotte, check out Mert’s

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