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Top 5 Favorite Fall Photo Props

It’s Fall Y’all

Oh what a wonderful feeling it is to walk outside in the morning and not feel the hot breath of summer surround you! This weekend and beginning of the week has been incredible. I love sitting outside with my pumpkin coffee ( I know, I know) and watching the dogs play in the first few leaves falling around the yard. As this season begins, lets talk about the coolest props to bring to fall photo shoots.

1. Blanket

So simple yet so cozy. Bringing a favorite blanket from your home, not only brings you some warmth but also adds a personal touch to the photo shoot. You can wrap it around both of you for a little romance or lay it on the ground and sit on it as a family. Whatever you do, bring a blanket!

2. Hot Beverage

For me this would be coffee, my favorite thing about a chill in the air is holding a warm cup of coffee close and watching the steam dance in the air. For you, this may be hot chocolate or hot apple cider, whatever your drink of choice, its not only delicious but gives a candid feel to the shoot. You may never actually sit on a blanket with your family drinking hot chocolate but giving yourself something to do, can make the shoot more relaxed and feel less like you're faking it. ;)

3. Comfy Sweater

Yes, we all have cute fall clothes, but sometimes its fun to throw on a big old comfy sweater and throw some leaves in the air. You might not want all of your photos in the sweater but its a nice change of pace from something more formal. When you are comfortable, you will be more relaxed and more camera ready!

4. Boots

Okay, maybe this isn't considered a prop, but it is an awesome thing to add to your photos. Fall is all about boots, from combat to cowboy, boots are always a fun way to really add the final touch to your outfit. And, as an extra, add some fun socks and take a few photos with your boots off!

5. Bonfire

Such an exciting way to add some color and warmth to your fall photos is a little bonfire. Whether you are a family making s’mores or a couple cuddled close, a fire is a great way to give you something to do, and add that candid feel to your photo shoot. If its possible in the location you are shooting, add a little fire, warm your toes, laugh, cuddle, sip on something yummy and you will have some incredible photos!

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