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I got a new Diamond!

Y’all! I am so excited to tell you about this crazy thing that happened to us!

A few weeks ago, Ben got a voice mail from Diamonds Direct, where he had purchased my ring, and they offered him a opportunity. When we heard the word opportunity we figured they were trying to sell us something and as we are expecting our first baby, we are not exactly in the market for diamonds right now! (More like cribs and breast pumps haha) Over the next few days they tried to reach out to us in different ways and we figured we should find out exactly what they were offering because it seemed pretty important! It turns out that the diamond Ben had picked was a trade-in. The woman who traded it in had a death in her family and the diamond that she traded in was important to them. Diamonds Direct told us that it meant a lot to her and she would love to have it as a memory for her family. They told us we should feel no obligation to give it back to her but if we were interested they would upgrade us to a bigger and higher quality diamond! After talking through it, Ben and I decided that we would go for it! When he picked my ring he felt the special or unique part was the setting he chose rather than the specific diamond. We discussed back and forth with Diamonds Direct, looked at some different diamonds and they even shipped a diamond to us in a similar setting so we could see it and really know that we liked it before moving forward. It was such a neat process and we are so happy knowing that the family who now has my old diamond is able to have that special memory.

I am LOVING my new diamond, I can’t stop staring at it! I loved the overall experience with Diamonds Direct, they were so communicative with us, they made sure we were comfortable every step of the way and worked with us so we got exactly what we wanted! I am going to link their website below! I would definitely recommend them to anyone, their rings and other jewelry are stunning and the customer service exceeds expectations! I hope to shoot some of their rings in the future on my future brides and grooms!

Talk soon - Dani

The new diamond is on the left and old one on the right.

New diamond is on the left.

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